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Visit the exhibition now at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam

Arindy founder from MELATI asked and captured several women with inspiring backgrounds. A selection of women who effectively inspired her. How they define its experience in carrying their personal baggage. To show and encourage one another and break through its ideal image of perfect routes. To eventually carry yours with pride. 

“We don’t need to learn, we need to unlearn what differs us in change to awaken and remember who we are and glow with the pride of our assertions.”


The Anatomy carries the name of its science that studies the structure of the body. Representing the whole, completed by its volume and proudly carrying its baggage. UNSEEN FLOWER (DROP 1.1) released in 2021. Brought life to "The Anatomy bag" a unique piece that radiates its purity to reflect our origins. 

Unanimity, our aim en mission for its appearance of oneness and wholeness. As we’ve been able to see and carry our baggage with proud. We’re realizing our past no longer defines us, but expanses its volume to be who you are today. 

From here we re-event its route and highlight our new perspectives being made. Our upcoming chapters will strive for a high inducement for the individual to ripen, to become something in himself, to become for the sake of each other to eventually blend and become one. 

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