is a fictional construction of

bouquets that bloom in different seasons

and in reality, could therefore never

become a bouquet together: various

artists and creations that sings with


No other talent than to love is a perspective that transforms into a relationship. Harmonizing the connectivity between the primordial and today's position of being designated. Understanding

the definition of beauty and enjoy the art of transparency through the eyes of MELATI on a digital tableu. 

More Self-love and Reflections: A bloom swerving and it's unified by the center
of it's deepest shell.

Presenting an idyllic elegance and conversation with creative/

stylist Agnes Montesinos Munoz. Photography by Naveen Kalloe 

& Sivah Kalloe

Be an experimenter, be open, be curious, be fearful, be playful,

be okay with being wrong. Be courageous enough to surrender.

Be brave enough to sit in the depths of your pain and create an

intimate and honest relationship with yourself and the higher 

source. Learn to listen. Not only to others but to yourself as well.

I think those moments of stillness and aloneness in your 

bedroom are one of the greatest gifts you can receive in the 

exiting journey of selflove. That’s where I’ve learned to realize  

how gentle, still, kind, calm and cool love can really be.


— Agnes Montesinos Munoz


COVER Series: NR 1 in collaboration 

with Charlie Birch.

“How to capture a little moment with film director Amanda Van Hesteren.”

TGOF: As a director, what does your aesthetic fill in to the concept?

A: In my documentaries, I always try to give the feeling that you as a viewer, are there too. I always like to keep it real, literally and figuratively. I mainly look for abnormal things, situations or personalities and try to capture and show as much as possible.

TGOM: If you need to catch an intimate scene, what do you do to 

make it look natural as possible?

A: I act as if it is natural myself. I also have the feeling that I am being waggish sometimes, when I find it uncomfortable I just continue and hold on to it.

“To me, a sexy woman is someone who

knows exactly what her weaknesses are.

As well as her positive things. And is in 

control of that.”

TGOF: What do you want to be remembered for?

A: As someone who keeps it real and is radically open-minded. I think that’s very important to get close to the truth. With me, it’s at least something that challenges me intellectually and makes me happy and free.